Keter CEO Alejandro Pena Educates Children on Global Recycling Day; Enforces New Agenda on Sustainability

The world we live in is large and scary but uniquely interconnected. The natural world is prone to impacts by humans, and that is why Global Recycling Day on March 18th is such an important date to remember. Remembering the core tenants of sustainability and recycling can help to offset emissions, reduce waste, and overall improve the world that we live in.

In today’s era of corporate responsibility, companies like Keter are becoming increasingly important in the fight for sustainability and recycling at the highest levels of capitalism. Let’s take a closer look at Keter, what they offer, and how it made sure to leave wisdom with its followers on Global Recycling Day.

Meet Keter Group

Keter Group is an Israeli manufacturer of sustainable resin-based indoor and outdoor home decor goods. Founded as a local supplier of sustainable goods, Keter would eventually watch in awe as its operations spread throughout Europe and eventually into North America. With a focus on sustainability and recycling, Keter was quick to garner positive attention.

Nowadays, Keter Group is led by the work of CEO Alejandro Pena, and he has been pivotal in guiding the company toward more green initiatives and outcomes. Pena oversaw the March 18th festivities that took place in the Village of Gorcy, where students gathered to learn from Keter on Global Recycling Day.

During the festivities, Keter worked closely with students to teach them the wisdom of recycling, the importance of sustainability, and why Keter was able to blend the two concepts while offering a winning and profitable product. Students learned about the unique materials that Keter used during production before drawing something on the subject itself. The collected drawings are to be displayed at a nearby Keter factory just 30 minutes away from Gorcy.

Sustainability Efforts In the Future

In addition to its sustainability efforts and outreach programs on March 18th, Keater continues to focus on leading sustainability drives into the future. Keter would introduce the Keter Everyday Sustainability Pledge 2025 in 2020 after a sustainability report was issued to stakeholders at the company. The pledge outlined Keter’s goals to increase recycling, reduce waste, and pivot to a catalog that features ZERO single-use plastic consumer products.

Keter’s current pledge is the guiding philosophy by which Alejandro Pena makes decisions, and the hope is that through careful work, the company can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 25%. Along the way, Pena hopes that his company continues to offer a hospitable place for professionals to grow.

Pena said in an interview, “We are committed to being good citizens of the environment. We are also committed to being good employers and citizens of our communities.”

Later on, Pena added, ‘We are ethically doing business with good governance and good practices that we encourage our employees to follow.”